Clear positioning and strengthening of the quarter

With the establishment of the MertonViertel Frankfurt am Main location initiative, the members have set themselves the aim of clearly sharpening the profile of the business location and to nationally and internationally establish the “MertonViertel Frankfurt am Main” brand. This involves the consistent communication of the quarter’s enormous advantages within the framework of location marketing, communication activities and CRM measures and events. The visual image of the location is also to be sustainably established.

The location initiative places particular value on the inclusion of the companies based at the location, their employees and official positions. The greater aim is to create a dialogue between the reference groups of the quarter and to proactively prepare the medium for further business success by developing a positive image. With all measures, the location initiative does not represent its own interests, but rather acts in the interests of all owners, tenants and people in the Mertonviertel.

Objects at Mertonviertel